Air Quality

Air quality was continually monitored in the Bell Bay and Rowella areas over a period of 3 years to give Gunns a good understanding of what the air quality is like now (before the pulp mill is built). This means we have good data to assess if there are any changes to the air quality once the pulp mill is operating.

Air quality has been a problem in Launceston for many years mainly due to the emissions from domestic wood-heaters. It is an issue the council has worked hard to address and it is improving.

One of the myths that have grown up around the pulp mill is that it will make the air quality in Launceston worse. This is not the case. The mills controls will capture 99.87% of particulates. Numerous studies have been carried out and any potential changes to our air quality will be minute – well below the limits set by the government.

Air generally flows from Launceston to Bell Bay during the winter when Launceston's pollution levels are high from woodsmoke.  The likelihood of air particles from Bell Bay coming into Launceston and having an impact on pollution levels is extremely low . Also residents in Rowella can be assured that prevailing winds provide good dispersion for any emissions. Emission levels will be the same as those currently emitted from the Tamar Valley Power Station.

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